For Students

Small Courses with Openings, Spring 2021

To help students during the add/drop period, we are collecting here a list of smaller courses that still have openings after the registration. We encourage you to look at these courses should you want to make a change to your course schedule. Please note that this list is not exhaustive: there are lots of other courses that still have room. This list is just intended to give you some food for thought, in addition to the courses you might be considering anyway. In addition to the courses listed here, you can also consult the list of General Education courses with openings, and for First Year students, the list of Freshman Seminars with openings.

Please follow the links to the canvas sites for the course(s) you're interested in to learn more.

Faculty: If you'd like to list your course here, please use this form. The form is moderated. Your submission will appear within 24 hours.


List of Small Courses with Openings -- Spring 2021