Welcome to the Committee on Course Registration

Our Committee was formed in the Fall of 2019 by vote of the Faculty of the FAS. Our charge includes the following tasks:

  • Reviewing the current system of shopping classes and propose alterations if necessary.
  • Reporting to the Faculty, in the spring of 2022, on the current state of registration​.
  • Recommending to the Faculty, if necessary, an alternative system​. Such an alternative system should be developed alongside the other work of the committee so that a detailed plan will be available by the time the system is evaluated.

The Committee has completed its work and has published the report. It is available here.

Final Report of the Committee on Course Registration

Since the publication of the report, we have been able to gather some additional information about enrollment uncertainty in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). We present this information in an addendum here.

Addendum to the Final Report on Enrollment Variability in SEAS

We hope that this report will serve as the foundation of a thoughtful and vigorous conversation about the future shape of course registraton at Harvard. We are inviting various members of our community to respond to the report in writing. This includes the Undergraduate Council and the Graduate Student Council. We will host these responses (or link to them) once they become available here.

Based on this report, legislation will come before the Faculty Council this spring and then, should the Faculty Council agree, be discussed and voted on by the full FAS faculty.

Responses to the Report